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Video: Puppies vs Cat

Super cute video of puppies vs one cat! Fullscreen capture 7122013 91147 PM.bmp

Watch: (more…)


Video: Calling information (via Ellen)

Don’t you just love Ellen? 🙂 She makes my day! Hopefully this video made you smile as well!


Video: Impersonating Celebrities (via Ellen)

This made my day! Enjoy!


Video: Mission Impossible – babies escape

=) Did you enjoy it?

Thanks to Anette for sharing it!

Video: Mirror someone

Ellen loves getting videos from her viewers. Here’s another video of mirroring montage:

Made my evening 😉 !


Video: Dog guards owner’s bike

Thanks to my friend Igor, here’s a great video of a dog guarding his owner’s bike:

Video: Unstoppable love of Labradors

Here’s an amazing video I’d watched this afternoon – it’s a must see!

Video: Lissa Jarmon’s Home

Happy Monday!

Fullscreen capture 2112013 121014 PM.bmp

Lissa Jarmon is Ellen’s huge fan, and Ellen has helped her and Lissa’s family a few times throughout her life. Here’s what happened:

Check out this video of Lissa Jarmon’s home (via Ellen): (more…)

Video: Google It

Do you Google? 🙂

Video: Pauly D and Jay Sean Perform ‘Back to Love’ at The Ellen Show

I don’t know how many of you like or watch The Ellen Show, but here’s a video with Pauly D and Jay Sean performing ‘Back to Love’: