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DIY: Snowmen to remember

If you’re into DIY crafts, and you love winter holidays, this one’s for you! Make snowmen with what you have at home! I’m sure you can find something that can make these good looking snow’fellas! Enjoy!


12 Legitimately life-improving new year’s resolutions you can steal from dogs



=) Happy Holidays!!!

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New Year is around the corner!

Photo of the Day: Christmas Tree

How long to you keep you Christmas Tree in your home?

Do you let the Christmas holiday pass and let it go?

Do you keep it for New Year’s Eve? Longer?


Recent Quilling Postcards (New Year, Valentine’s Day and More)

Since I began working on quilling past December, I’ve done a few postcards. They are very basic. I’ve used the basic quilling shapes.

The first one I did was with Christmas/New Year Holiday spirit:

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DIY: New Year Bottle for your Holiday Table

Yesterday, I finished another bottle for our holiday table! I’ve never done a bottle within such  a short amount of time (4 hours) Hope you all had a safe New Year’s Eve! Happy New Year all!


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Empty Tuesday

Hey everyone,

It’s not a good day for me today, so I’m sorry if y’all haven’t seen any posts from me (but one). I lost my job today, so I have to gather my thoughts and get it together before the new year starts.

Here’s a great photo for you all:

Photographer unknown.