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Places: Golden Ring of Russia

Golden Ring of Russia – is a tourist route along the ancient cities of central Russia. This route has been created in the Soviet times, in order to attract foreign tourists to Russia, in order to familiarize them with the historical and cultural heritage of the country.tlkjq37lmp8

Golden Ring cities belong to the six regions: Moscow, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Tver and Yaroslavl. Read the rest of this entry


Mad for Moscow

Whether they show up to open splashy new boutiques or simply to hobnob with oligarch gazillionaires, fashion designers can’t seem to get enough of Russia. In November Donatella Versace became the latest to visit Moscow, where she’s planning to open a third Versace store next year. Versace used the visit as an opportunity to research the city’s sartorial sensibility, which even the over-the-top blond found too much.

“They use a little bit more makeup than other women,” she said of the Muscovites, in an interview with WWD. “When you dress, don’t do fabulous hair, makeup, a designer dress all together.” Since when?

Russian Revolution

Chances are if a designer hasn’t already opened a Russian flagship, it’s their next stop. Thanks to its wealth and the explosive, long-dormant acquisitiveness of its nouveau-riche population, Russia—Moscow in particular—is the undisputed capital of conspicuous consumption, and houses from Diane von Furstenberg to Dior have taken note. “They have money to spend,” Ralph Lauren said at the inauguration of not one, but two Moscow shops in May. “Their appetite is like when you sit down to a meal starved.” To illustrate his point, before Lauren’s flagship was open, one woman muscled her way in and reserved five crocodile Ricky bags to the tune of $100,000.

Moscow’s got Best Steaks from Chicago! :)

I’ve been doing my search on what to do and where to go in Moscow, and here’s one of the places that caught my eye 🙂

Should I go and tell them how it’s done? haha