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Ideas for Easter Decorations

Good day my dear friends and readers,

Easter is coming up and it’s definitely exciting to decorate your home for such a blessed holiday. If you still haven’t done anything, below are a few ideas to choose from for a fast way to decorate your home.

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Friday Fun

Happy Friday!


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Beach House in Australia

Hello my dear friends and readers!

Here’s a beach house in Australia:

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Little friends of the garden

Ideas for your gardens:

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Make it bloom

Good dear friends and readers!

Have you welcomed summer yet? If not, here are some great ideas on how to welcome it and celebrate it…. with flowers!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my dear friends and readers! (and those who celebrate this holiday!) 🙂

via FB

via FB

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Good day, my dear friends and readers!

Here are a few photos to inspire you today!


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A bit of news

Good day, dear friends and readers!

I’m sorry for being away for this long, but I had good reasons for this.

I finally moved in into my own home. No more rent! Now, my baby boy will have his own playground!

There is still lots to do, as you can tell by this photo, but we are very happy. Though financially it is very difficult.
I hope that everyone is doing well, and staying healthy!

Much love, and thanks for stopping by 😉



Let’s Talk About the Room!

No matter where we are in our home, we must love it, relax in it and just feel free and AT HOME! Here’s the next room that we will be discussing today:

lets talk about the room

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Photo of the Day: Blooming

My plants at home are starting to bloom! 🙂

2013-04-03 12.12.09