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Fashion: Saiid Kobeisy

Gorgeous dresses by Saiid Kobeisy:


Russian Fashion with scarves

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Spring fashion (ladies)

Ladies, are you ready for spring? Did you get your outfits?

Here are some ideas:

Fashion: What to wear during Autumn

via VK


I think this is still good for September. What do you think?

Fashion: Wedding inspiration

August is considered a wedding month! So here are a few items to think about for the bride! Be inspired!

Fashion: Dress up your night (Women)

Hello, my dear friends and readers!

It has been long overdue…so let’s get back  up PRETTY!

Fashion: Back to beige (Women)


Fashion: Wedding gown

Via VK Territory of beauty

Via VK Territory of beauty

This is just one gorgeous gown! Thoughts?

Fashion: A few accents to hold onto summer (Women)


Do you like this ensemble?

Fashion: Leopard print and more (Women)

via Fashion today

via Fashion today

It’s still autumn, so here’s a great ensemble for you ladies!