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DIY: Snowmen to remember

If you’re into DIY crafts, and you love winter holidays, this one’s for you! Make snowmen with what you have at home! I’m sure you can find something that can make these good looking snow’fellas! Enjoy!


DIY: colorful monkeys with frames

Good day dear friends and readers!

Recently I’ve made these colorful drawings for my coworkers. It was a present for 5 of them, for International Women’s Day.   

Each has its own frame. And have been presented differently. 


Colors differ too. 


Which one would you choose for yourself? 


You can easily make any drawing like this. You can simply draw something on computer, or print out already made drawing, color it. 


Have a wooden base, I’ve used old laminate pieces, just cut them in the size of the drawing. 

Glued the drawing with hot glue, but don’t press too hard, or use double side scotch tape. 

Finish off with wooden plates on the side, to cover the edges. I’ve used the ones from ice cream :).  Or one turned out with pins. 

And pf course some ribbon. 🎀

What do you think of such present?

Ideas for Bedroom Makeover

A bedroom makeover doesn’t have to be a hard task to do! Give an exciting look to your bedroom with these 4 stylish, simple and inexpensive decorating ideas you can put in place in just a few days.

Decorating idea 1: Replace your duvet cover

You can easily give a new look to your room décor by replacing your duvet cover. Choose a complete new style to really refresh it! You will see that your bedroom will instantly have a new feel. Read the rest of this entry