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DIY: Snowmen to remember

If you’re into DIY crafts, and you love winter holidays, this one’s for you! Make snowmen with what you have at home! I’m sure you can find something that can make these good looking snow’fellas! Enjoy!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my dear friends and readers! (and those who celebrate this holiday!) 🙂

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via FB

May your day be filled with lots of joy, laughter, and great memories! May you have peace and harmony in your homes! Read the rest of this entry

Happy Holidays! (with a bit of blog news)

Good day, dear friends and readers!

It’s been a while, and I’m sorry for that. But before I get to that… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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via FB

A couple of days back was the New Year’s Eve! And a few more days before that was Catholic Christmas. I hope you all had a good time, and this year will bring you lots of love, happiness, and joy. Stay strong, healthy, and never loose hope! Read the rest of this entry

Video: Happy Holidays!

…From K Mart!


Some Christmas Spirit

Movie for Tonight: Elf


As a baby, Buddy crawls into Santa⿿s toy bag and is whisked off to the North Pole, where he is raised as an elf. A misfit who grows to be three times the size of his elf family, Buddy ultimately heads to his birthplace of New York City to seek out his roots. Unfortunately, they turn out to be a “Scrooge”-like father and a cynical ten-year-old stepbrother who doesn⿿t believe in Santa. Worst of all, everyone seems to have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. But using his simple elf ways, Buddy sets out to single-handedly win over his family and save Christmas in New York, hoping to at last find his true place in the world.

Cast: Read the rest of this entry

Photo of the Day: Christmas Tree

How long to you keep you Christmas Tree in your home?

Do you let the Christmas holiday pass and let it go?

Do you keep it for New Year’s Eve? Longer?


Did Santa treat you good this year?


Did you get the gifts you wanted? Deserved? 🙂

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

Photo of the Day: Happy Holidays!


Have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂