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Titanic sunk by steering mistake

RMS Titanic

The Titanic hit an iceberg in 1912 because of a basic steering error, and only sank as fast as it did because an official persuaded the captain to continue sailing, an author said in an interview published on Wednesday. (more…)


Богатый гость

Телевизор Armani-Samsung сделан для тех, кому мало обычного прямоугольного дисплея, показывающего кино. Read the rest of this entry

Boynq wake-up

With its built-in alarm clock, radio, and iPod dock-speaker system, this fashionably stacked bedside gadget will help you rise and shine in style. Program it to rouse you from slumber with a standard beep, one of your iPod’s tunes, or a favorite radio station. And when you want to snooze, just zap the device into silence with the remote. In white, and black.