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Inspiration: Spring blossoming

Good day, dear friends and readers!

Who else is ready for spring?


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Autumn is here!

Happy First day of Autumn!2DtlyEqlhHE


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Hello September!

via FB

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Wow, September has arrived! So soon! 😦

Beauty of February

I really wish February brought this to us every year! Does it happen in your town?

Photo of the Day: Beauty of Winter

Happy Monday, everyone!

Is your town or city still covered in snow? Do you enjoy winter season? I personally love it when trees are covered with snow, and look something like this:


How do you warm up this winter?

What’s your recipe? 🙂 What can’t you live without before walking out of your home? Hot tea? Coco? Hot chocolate? Espresso? Coffee? 🙂

how would you warm up

Spring Colors

Spring is here! Happy March 1st, everyone!

Decorative Fall Urn

This gorgeous arrangement is freewheeling and creative — perfection not required. Build a mound of cut plastic florist’s foam pieces inside a plastic urn. Cover with Spanish moss (available at crafts stores), keeping the moss in place with green pins. Make a collar of burlap around the urn and build your arrangement with artificial leaves, berries, Chinese lanterns, dried lotus pods, and other fall favorites from the floral selection of your local crafts store. Green pins help keep everything in place.


Editor’s Tip: Take your arrangement inside if you’re expecting rain. It works best on a covered porch.