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Photo of the day: Italy


Beautiful Italy.

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Окружающие и ВЫ

Никогда не подстраивайтесь под окружающих и не старайтесь специально выделиться из толпы





Не забывайте, нам нужны искренность и естественность! Делайте так, как считаете нужным, а не так, как нравится другим.

Baby pacifiers – Smile!

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Video: Mission Impossible – babies escape

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Love between you and your child

I fell in love with this article!!! It’s too cute and just a must-read!x_c33f9223

During her pregnancy, people warned Jen Harrington that she was about to fall in love like never before. But she didn’t understand what they meant until her son, Joshua, was born. The feeling of adoration hit as soon as she saw him.

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Joke a Day for Mothers-to-Be!

If only I’d know that I’d be trading:

Monthly PMS for nine months of weeping
Lacy thongs for cotton tents
Sex for gas
Zinfandel for warm milk
Birth control for laxatives
Going to the gym for getting up to pee
Your waist for a hot-air balloon
Kickboxing for kick counts
Your innie for an outie – a way-outie
Sleeping for groaning
Freedom for the most intense love you’ve ever known


Survey: 7 ways men view relationships differently than women

Is modern life changing the way men and women relate to each other or do traditional ideals still rule?  The results of the 4th Annual Great Male Survey, which was conducted by leading men’s lifestyle site AskMen, reveal some shifting gender dynamics when it comes to dating and relationships. For the second year in a row, AskMen has teamed up with to loop in the thoughts of the fairer sex through the Great Female Survey. The answers from both genders show that while some old-fashioned values are still going strong, the tables are starting to turn when it comes to other aspects of relationships.

Get the Most Out of a Massage

Ahhhhhh! A great massage — there’s really nothing quite like it! But in order to get the most you can out of the experience, you have to be ready, receptive, and relaxed. (Call it the 3 R’s!) No worries – we’ll get you ready!

1. Be as receptive and open to the massage process as possible. You may have to be naked, but you are dealing with a professional, whose job it is to keep you feeling safe and comfortable. Besides, you’ll be covered with a sheet! Read the rest of this entry

Confessions Of… A Lifeguard (via Budget Travel)

Just because you watch Jersey Shore or—worse—were a member of the David Hasselhoff International Fan Club doesn’t mean you really know what it’s like to be a lifeguard. To find out, we went to the source: a veteran whistle-blower at a New Jersey beach. Enjoy your swimming!

The money is terrible

Lifeguard season is about four months long, from mid-May to September. First-year guards make about $10 an hour—not much—and we pay a lot of money to live in a house down on the shore. But it’s the summertime—you gotta enjoy it. Read the rest of this entry

Quote a Day

“If you can capture a woman’s imagination, then you will have her. But imagination is a strange creature. It needs time and distance to function properly.”

Kathleen Tessaro