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Love is just love, you can’t live without it

11 Things Every Girl Should Hold Out For (via Shine)

1. A guy who can make you laugh. Some things in life are not funny. Can he make you at least chuckle when the chips are down?

2. A guy who will laugh at your jokes and “get” you. He might not understand you perfectly on the first date, but if you think you’re funny at all, I hope he gets that and appreciates it about you. Otherwise, you could be Kathy Griffin and you’ll still be laughing alone your whole life. Well, she’s single. But I mean, if Kathy Griffin were—whatever!

3. A guy who will attend your lame “things.”
Adult dance recital, Mom’s birthday party? Find the guy who will go to something boring even though he will get nothing out of it—but he’ll go for you. Read the rest of this entry


When you love someone…

Picture a Day

Love is… the cure!

Do you agree? 🙂

10 Things You Should Do on a First Date

You’re pretty sure you’re fully covered when it comes to what not to do on a date; no blatant farting or revealing the fact that mental illness runs rampant on your father’s side of the family.  And yet, despite putting on your game face and playing by the rules, the last three dates you went on yielded no second ones. Clearly you must be doing something wrong. Here’s how to get it right!

According to the CEO of eLove,  Paul A. Falzone,  if you keep the following top 10 things in mind, you’ll not only be closer to securing second dates, you may actually have fun in the process. Read the rest of this entry

Romantic Afternoon

“Take your loved one to a place away from the hustle and bustle of town life. Take a blanket and place it under the trees lie and cuddle the entire afternoon and then watch the moon rise from behind a mountain, and remember how special the person you are with is!”

Words are always not enough to make someone feel you care for them…

You will always need a little effort to convince them that you really care

Quote a day

‘In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.’

– Janos Arany

Memories, days, and thoughts

Here’s a song by ‘Kate Voegele – I won’t disagree’ that brought up some of those memories, days and thoughts. Enjoy!

Dating Tips: 10 Signs He’s Smitten

Smitten Love

The definition is much debated, and the reality varies, depending upon where you are in your relationship. For example, love when you’re walking down the aisle to exchange your “I Do’s” is pretty different from the love you share when you’re celebrating your hard-won, 50-year anniversary.

The thing is, many of us aren’t even close to the proposal phase, let alone wedding or golden anniversary. What we want to know is: Does he like me? Does he really like me? Here’s how to tell he’s smitten. Read the rest of this entry

Dating Advice: Top 10 Relationship Tips

These days, more and more happy couples are seeing counselors to keep their unions humming along. Here, the country’s top love experts offer up their best advice — for free!