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Better than mountains, can only be mountains…©

Vladimir Vysotsky, was a Russian singer/song-writer, who once wrote/said : Better than all the mounts is the Mount. You can read some of his work here –Source

But here’s the Russian version: Read the rest of this entry


First poem| About life

I wish that moments of our lives
Won’t fly away into the skies.
Not right away, at least not now
So our children tell us “Wow!”
Life isn’t long and not a waste,
We travel, learn, and sometimes taste.
Our families, with their true feelings,
Brought to our lives the hope and meanings.
Our friends, that helped us through it all
Would put our pictures on the wall.
Let’s not forget the loved ones’ smiles
They bring us joy for “lasting” miles.
There been mistakes, there been no hope
God knows, what”s holding us on such rope?
From the beginning to the end
We walk our best with no regret.
Let’s hope that-there would be a time
For us to bring back all these rhymes.

I found this poem on my computer, written it during my high school years 🙂 So funny to read it again, and remember those memories.