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Creative Wreath and Door Path

Pops of fall color are easy to achieve (and don’t have to be costly to create)! Glossy red paint (spray paint works best) transforms a grapevine wreath from country to cozy. An ordinary outdoor rug goes from basic gray to autumn splendor with stencils.

Start with an outdoor rug with a short, tight nap. Make your own stencil by tracing a leaf onto poster board (we used tulip poplar leaves for our pattern). Cut out the stencil, place on the rug, and roll on the color.

Continue until you’re satisfied with the design. Finish off the look with a colorful assortment of potted mums.


Decor: Leafy Fall Wreath

Artificial leaves and berries ensure that your wreath-crafting effort lasts for years. To make this, cover a foam wreath with Spanish moss. Alternate the leaf colors as you build the wreath in a circle. Use green pins to keep leaves in place. Attach pepperberries with pins to finish.


Decorative Fall Urn

This gorgeous arrangement is freewheeling and creative — perfection not required. Build a mound of cut plastic florist’s foam pieces inside a plastic urn. Cover with Spanish moss (available at crafts stores), keeping the moss in place with green pins. Make a collar of burlap around the urn and build your arrangement with artificial leaves, berries, Chinese lanterns, dried lotus pods, and other fall favorites from the floral selection of your local crafts store. Green pins help keep everything in place.


Editor’s Tip: Take your arrangement inside if you’re expecting rain. It works best on a covered porch.