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Ideas for Halloween

Happy Halloween, my dear friends and readers!

Here are a few ideas for Halloween!


Halloween: Wicked Witch Silhouette

This life-size outdoor witch statue stirring a cauldron full of pumpkin heads is sure to draw attention to your yard on Halloween. Get our free witch pattern, available below, and then learn more about how to make the statue from plywood and black paint.

Halloween| Creepy-Crawly Spider Decoration



Give Halloween passersby a fright with larger-than-life black spiders that hang from your porch. To create the spider, spray-paint a large and a small plastic foam ball black; let dry. Read the rest of this entry

Halloween| Upside-Down Witch Halloween Urn

This easy-to-make Halloween decoration looks like a wayward witch landed headfirst in a moss-filled urn. Read the rest of this entry

Halloween| Outdoor Cauldron

This overflowing cauldron is full of spooky potion ingredients, including spiders, rats, eyeballs, and bat wings. Fill two plastic cauldrons (found at Halloween stores) with spray-foam insulation; let dry. Use spray paint to add a yellow-green tint to the dried insulation. Tip one cauldron on its side and adorn with creepy-crawly items.

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Halloween| Eerie Paper Luminarias

Light up your front stairs for Halloween with white paper lanterns adorned with black spider and letter stickers. Gather several lunch-size white paper bags and add various sticker embellishments, from spiders and decorative trim to spooky messages like “beware” and “eek.” Fill each bag with one to two inches of sand to weigh it down; nestle a votive candle into the center and light when you’re ready to use. Add a few pumpkins to the light display for pops of color.

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Halloween Spirit| Spiderweb Door Mat

Halloween is almost here and it’s time to share some of the ideas with you all on how to decorate your home and prepare for this holiday. Here is a great one, that would Welcome your Trick-or-Treaters:

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Decor: Etched Pumpkin

Dress up a simple pumpkin with a carved design, such as birds or leaves. Simply trace your design on the pumpkin and gouge out the pumpkin skin within the outline. Nestle the pumpkin inside a lush wreath of fall blooms.


Decor: Gourds in a Row

Create a stunning contemporary centerpiece by arranging four gourds and six large chrysanthemum blossoms symmetrically in a flat bowl or tray.


Decor: Squash Blossoms

Create a vase with a gourd that stands upright. Slice off the stem and use a long slender knife to widen the opening if necessary. Add a handful of bright mums.