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Places: Sugar Loaf Mountain, Brazil



Places: Golden Ring of Russia

Golden Ring of Russia – is a tourist route along the ancient cities of central Russia. This route has been created in the Soviet times, in order to attract foreign tourists to Russia, in order to familiarize them with the historical and cultural heritage of the country.tlkjq37lmp8

Golden Ring cities belong to the six regions: Moscow, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Tver and Yaroslavl. Read the rest of this entry

Fjadrarglufur – canyon in Iceland

Good day, my dear friends and readers!

Check out this amazing canyon Fjadrarglufur in Iceland:

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Sometimes we just want to get away…

Good day, my dear friends and readers!

I hope that your summer’s been good so far, and that this August you will enjoy it even more. Enjoy your stay!

Sometimes we just want to get away…

Thursday fun

Hello my dear friends and readers,

I think we need some Thursday fun 😉

Via FB

Via FB

Happy, Monday!

Good day, my dear friends and readers!

It’s been a while once again. So much has happened, that it would take some time to do so. I won’t get into my details, but I will share my recent work 🙂


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Happy Thursday!

How is everyone doing? I thought that since I cannot post on WordPress as often as I wanted to / and used to, I could tell y’all about my Instagram account, and you could see what my days look like with all the flowers and design ideas around me. Now how about that? 🙂

Follow me @xenianova01 or go onto



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Happy Sunday!

My drear friends and readers,

It has been too long, and I’ve missed writing to you all! Being a mum, working full time, and doing all the work around the house is a tough job! But why should I complain, I love it – even though I am busy as a bee. 🙂

How have you all been?

Today’s evening is a big religious holiday in Russia, Крещение – in English it sound like this “Baptism of Jesus”. Our tradition is to submerge oneself in the water, or just into the cold water, as the picture shows below:

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Happiness is…

…being together!

via Inspiration (VK)

via Inspiration (VK)

Happy Holidays! (with a bit of blog news)

Good day, dear friends and readers!

It’s been a while, and I’m sorry for that. But before I get to that… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

via FB

via FB

A couple of days back was the New Year’s Eve! And a few more days before that was Catholic Christmas. I hope you all had a good time, and this year will bring you lots of love, happiness, and joy. Stay strong, healthy, and never loose hope! Read the rest of this entry