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Photo of the Day: Piano


I found this one so amazing and unique! Here’s a piano made out of hanging beads on strings.

What do you think of such idea? Artistic? Boring? Useful? Tell it all, in the comments section 😉

Buttons, Buttons

What can you make out of buttons?

DIY: Ribbon Necklace

Check out the photos from my recent project:

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Very easy to make!

DIY: Snowy Pinecone Christmas Wreath

Create this frosty pinecone wreath by spray-painting each pinecone completely white; let dry. Read the rest of this entry

DIY: Window Hearts

If the sun seems to peer right into your window, give it something pretty to look at — and through. These translucent hanging hearts are easy to make from waxed paper and crayons. In return, sunbeams will color your room with cheer.

  • Begin with a 12-by-16-inch sheet of waxed paper. Fold it in half along its length; unfold.
  • Deposit wax-crayon shavings (made with a handheld pencil sharpener) evenly but not thickly across one half of the paper. Read the rest of this entry

Decor: Gourds Under Glass

Display petite gourds-turned-treasures in a decorative apothecary jar. Garnet-hue leaves and a dried hydrangea benefit from the same prescription.


Mini-Pumpkin Wreath

For this autumn wreath, first tap small nails into the surface of miniature gourds and pumpkins to break the surface. Carefully poke sturdy toothpicks into the holes. Coat the protruding end of the toothpick with hot glue and immediately stick into a straw wreath form. Once the wreath is as completely covered with pumpkins and gourds as possible, hot-glue silk leaves around the wreath to fill in the gaps.


DIY: Pink Doily Drink Parasols

This project for lacy drink parasols uses Papermash mini pink doilies but any pretty doilies would work.

Gourds Galore for your Front Porch!

Bring a warm glow to the front porch with a generous tumble of smooth-skin gourds in soft, creamy colors. Accent them with frilly ornamental kale and fall flowers.


Gourd Planters

Transform gourds into planters for the fall season. Simply hollow out the gourds and tuck in the root balls of ornamental grasses or sedge (a perennial herb). Draw jack-o’-lantern faces onto the gourds with paint pens for a Halloween-theme arrangement.