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More Floral design from Me

These were done in September only, and only on my free time. Lots of those that I didn’t take photos of. Getting better I think 🙂

Have a good one!



Here comes the florist

Good day, dear friends and readers!

I’m adopting a new profession – becoming a florist. Here is my first oasis basket:

Xenia Nova

Xenia Nova

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Worst-Paying College Degrees of 2011

In numerous studies on career satisfaction, salary places surprisingly low on the list of things that make workers happy. Other concerns — such as work-life balance and a feeling of making a difference — are more important to many people.

And when you take a look at the college degrees that bring in the lowest salaries, many of them qualify a person to work in a helping profession (social work, for example). Read the rest of this entry