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DIY: Waterfall braids



Good day, my dear friends and readers!


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Gold Makeup

Happy Wednesday, dear friends and readers!

Here are some great ideas for gold makeup! Enjoy!

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DIY: Let’s make braids

via FB

via FB

Beauty: Eye makeup for stage or else

Check out these versions of eye makeup. Do you think they are appropriate for everyday look or better for stage performances?

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Beauty: It’s all about the braids

via Lady's Beauty

via Lady’s Beauty

I love, love and LOVE this!!

What’s age got to do with it?

Here are some interesting facts about aging, looks, and other things our paths combine into our life:DeXHdWpPLBA

68% say they are not afraid of aging.

In fact, 67% like their looks more NOW than in their 20s.

1/3 plan to have cosmetic surgery and plan to have a lipo. 1/4 have had or plan to have breast augmentation.

1 in 10 say they look younger than they are. 1 in 5 lied about their age. 95% say age is a state of mind. 7 out of 10 say aging well means looking great instead of looking younger.

49% of 50-year-olds have had or plan to have an eye lift. 76% of all respondents use under-eye cream.

4 out of 10 20-year-olds use anti-wrinkle cream. Read the rest of this entry

Beautiful Designs for your Nails

Hands are known to be the key to women’s age, so we must take care keep them in extra shape. Manicure is required for all ladies to show everyone that they’re beautiful! There are many ways to show off your beauty, some keep it nice and simple with french manicure, others have gel or acrylic nails to keep the strength and length of nails.

Designs below show some of the ways your can present your individuality.

DIY: The ‘Waterfall Braid’

I found this amazing tutorial today on how to make the ‘waterfall braid’ at the …love Maegan‘s blog:

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Party Braid Styles for Women

Check out these amazingly beautiful hairstyles for party looks, or for fashion divas they can be dressed for day-to-day looks:

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10 Hairstyles Men Love

Men and women don’t always see eye to eye — especially when it comes to what makes a lady look amazing. While you might find a blunt and structured ‘do incredibly chic, there’s a really good chance he just finds it weird. In an effort to demystify what guys find sexy, Yahoo with Shine association polled a handful to find out which hairstyles men really do prefer.

photo credit: Michael N. Todaro/Contributor/Getty ImagesRetro Bangs
“I’ll always like that sort of late ’60s long bangs with longer hair look. Think Mary Jane, Spider-Man’s girlfriend. I’ve noticed that Rose Byrne, who seems to be in every other movie right now, has been wearing her hair this way, and it has certainly captured my attention.
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