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Окружающие и ВЫ

Никогда не подстраивайтесь под окружающих и не старайтесь специально выделиться из толпы





Не забывайте, нам нужны искренность и естественность! Делайте так, как считаете нужным, а не так, как нравится другим.


10 Things You Should Not Keep in Your Wallet

What you keep in your wallet will determine how at risk you are for identity theft in the chance you lose it. Here are 10 items experts suggest keeping at home.

We all make sure we’ve got our keys, wallet and phone before we head out the door, but more often than not, we are carrying around things that are better left at home. Some items we carry on a daily basis can be virtually impossible to replace, and others may leave us at risk for identity theft in the event of loss. We checked in with the personal finance experts at LearnVest to find the top 10 things you shouldn’t carry in your purse or wallet. Read the rest of this entry