Happy Holidays! (with a bit of blog news)

Good day, dear friends and readers!

It’s been a while, and I’m sorry for that. But before I get to that… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

via FB

via FB

A couple of days back was the New Year’s Eve! And a few more days before that was Catholic Christmas. I hope you all had a good time, and this year will bring you lots of love, happiness, and joy. Stay strong, healthy, and never loose hope!

Now back to me…

I’ve been doing remodeling work to my NEW house – yes, I did it. I’ve built a house!! Now I’m a homeowner! (Not a renter!) Woohooo! 🙂 Got a few more things to do before all the rooms look like bedrooms, and all the furniture goes to its proper places, but I am so so very happy that we have done it before this year arrived. That is why I’ve been so away from computer, and lack of posts is the result. I will though, post photos, as soon as I’m done. So BEFORE and AFTER photos will arrive sooner or later 😉

Thank you for those who continue reading, thank you to my friends and loved ones (my family: my mum, my son, and my dog!) who are always there for me during tough times.

Yours truly,



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