Architecture: Observation Tower in Germany

The project, which opened in Duisburg Wanheim, Germany, sits on a large hill overlooking a sleepy suburban town. The steel forms of “Tiger & Turtle-Magic Mountain” visually allude to the nearby decommissioned factory structures looming over the small town stretched out before it. At 45 meters (147 feet) tall, the sculpture is the largest in the country and is easily visible from every angle. From afar, and especially when lit at night, the spiraling structure evokes the speed and rush we associate with theme park rides, only without the familiar whoosh that accompanies the whir of accelerating roller coasters.

When moving towards the object, however, it becomes apparent that the ride isn’t fitted with tracks to accommodate moving cars, but with stairways on which visitors leisurely stroll about. This perceptual play is key to the project’s success, whereby, as the designers note, “the roller coaster stands for acceleration and high speed of a tiger but the visitor has to explore it step by step like a turtle.” Interesting is that the spirit and formal gymnastics of the former aren’t compromised for the latter’s sake. Visitors are confronted with impossibly looping stairways, rendered impassible given the body’s fixed relationship to the ground.

The work is a commentary on the region’s struggles with shifting identities and restructuralization. Where the factories once boomed with production, they now sit idly by. Speed and growth are unified and permanently dislodged by the sculpture’s absurd vortices. The resultant scenario has required the locals to come to terms with a post-industrial future, where innovations and progress, possibly, come in the form of the nonlinear twists and abrupt turns of a roller coaster.

View the rest of the photos here.

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