What’s age got to do with it?

Here are some interesting facts about aging, looks, and other things our paths combine into our life:DeXHdWpPLBA

68% say they are not afraid of aging.

In fact, 67% like their looks more NOW than in their 20s.

1/3 plan to have cosmetic surgery and plan to have a lipo. 1/4 have had or plan to have breast augmentation.

1 in 10 say they look younger than they are. 1 in 5 lied about their age. 95% say age is a state of mind. 7 out of 10 say aging well means looking great instead of looking younger.

49% of 50-year-olds have had or plan to have an eye lift. 76% of all respondents use under-eye cream.

4 out of 10 20-year-olds use anti-wrinkle cream.

42% have had or plan to have an injection like Botox, Restylane or collagen.

To look 10 years younger: 16% would give up $10,000,6% would give up sex, 2% would give up their relationship.

FORTY is the median age women have had or plan to have cosmetic surgery.

83% say style improves with age. 3/4 say their sense of style has developed since 10 years ago.

1/2 use shape wear.

1/2 wear clothes from college or high school days.

6 out of 10 wear formfitting clothes. 8 out of 10 think their legs aren’t perfect, but still wear skirts.

52% say they can still fit into their high school or college jeans. 48% say not a chance.

One-quarter sometimes don’t wear underwear. 28% wax their bikini area!

I think that’s enough of numbers for today 😉 !


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