10 nontrivial ways to decorate a ceiling

Hello, dear friends!

I’ve been working on my diploma project, and got stuck with decorating a ceiling in the main living room. So I thought it was time to find ways on how to decorate ceilings and share possible ideas with you all.Beautiful Tivoli ceiling.  4-26-13

As we all know, the ceiling forms the image of our home, connecting all the parts into a whole. Avoiding unnecessary emphasis and fear of mistakes, most often we provide a very modest role of faceless white canvas. Rarely, we dare to experiment and paint the ceiling in bright colors. Although a ceiling can be more trendy, sometimes with extravagant outfits. For example:

1.Silk screen painting


If you are not an artist, but would like to paint on your ceiling, the best way to go is use silk screen painting. To avoid missteps and texture irregularities, try not to put too much paint on a brush. Start from the corners of the ceiling – if the result goes well, feel free to go on to the center.

2. Drawing


Here you cannot go on without professionals. Otherwise you’ll have to change the ceiling covering. However, if your plans include repair, then you can experiment. In the children’s room, you can picture paw prints that descend from the ceiling to the floor. In the living room – an artificial sky, which will create the illusion of lack of ceiling (as pictured above). For best effect it can be drawn on acrylic glass. Then embedded in the surface with fluorescent lights, which will create the effect of bright sky.



The easiest way to decorate a ceiling is to use stickers. They are easy to stick and easy to remove. Images come in different colors and sizes – to suit every taste and style.



Stunning collection of accessories from the Beerdvan Stokkum, will turn any ceiling into a picture of the fashion art. In the picture above, the amount of pomp and traditional stucco allows you to make a carved and whimsical accessory.

5. Beams


Vinyl beams (wood-like) can also become a stylish modern interior decoration as well as proved an old look for a home. In addition, they can be used as ceiling moldings.

6. Cloth


A great way to hide flaws and show originality – drape a ceiling with fabric, either partially or entirely. And do not believe those who say that this is the way to decorate restaurants for weddings. Your apartment deserves it too, and candid style will fit it. The only recommendation is to drape customary to use only light cloth, chiffon or organza.

7. 3-D Effect


3D effect takes on many areas of our lives, and now it climbed up to the ceiling. In natural light it looks like a normal wallpaper with bright pattern, and with lighted lamps becomes 3-dimensional.

8. Leather coating


The most daring can clothe their ceiling in a leather outfit. Produce a coating in the form of multi-colored plates on a vinyl base. Some of them suffered author’s drawing. Of course, you can not completely cover the ceiling, limit ourselves to a separate area. In this case, you still have room for creativity!

And just two more…

9.Light ceiling panels

A great alternative spotlight – light ceiling panels. This modern light source is composed of two layers of conductive material, which are enclosed in polyurethane foam matrix. Sizes can vary from 1000 to 2500 mm 1200-2500 mm at width from 19-20mm. You can insert a miniature light bulb, thus creating a unique pattern.

10. Splashing paint

Creative and at the same time a fun way to decorate your own ceiling! After all, what could be more fun than splashing paint in your own apartment? 🙂 Especially if kids can join you for this activity, and the result will impress even the most fashionable designer. You can spray paint with the same color along the white ceiling, and you can use a contrasting color on a bright background. For sprays it is best suited to use viscous ink, since the liquid formulation forms a solid stains.

So there you have it – 10 ideas and ways to decorate a ceiling. Now it’s just a matter of picking, which one to choose? 😉


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