Artist Recognition: Jean Marc Janiaczyk

Jean-Marc JANIACZYK was born in 1966 (Douai, FRANCE), he’s a Self-taught artist, he paint landscape of Provence; sunflowers, lavenders, poppies, olive trees….

Jean-Marc JANIACZYK is a French self-Taught painter, born in December 1966, since his childhood he draws, in 1991 at the age of 24 he began to paint. Many years to draw, gave him a solid foundation in drawing. He paints only with oil colors. He started with a very difficult technique: Hyperrealism.

In 1999 he used for the first time a palette knife to paint flowers on one of his paintings, and since he painted exclusively with palette knives, in a style between realism and impressionism.
He likes to paint landscapes of southern France, where the sunlight is intense, where the colors are vibrant and contrast powerful.

Jean-Marc JANIACZYK wants to represent the heat of the summer on his paintings, sometimes the colors are less explosive, but each of his paintings is an invitation to walk in these landscapes or just sit and admire the scenery, smell the flowers, enjoy a fleeting moment.

View his website for more of his work. Make sure to visit other Artists we have already discussed, just click on the tag “Artist Recognition” below! Have a good Tuesday!



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