Happy Monday!

It’s Monday, and half of April has already passed! Are you excited about that? What are you waiting for: summer, vacation, weekend? 🙂Russia

I’m running around town, getting my paperwork done, looking for an extra job – so that my baby boy would have most of the things in life 😉 and finishing up interior design degree. So much to do, and all has to be done by the end of this month…or else….

I always look forward towards new week, especially if I’ve got tasks to finish up. Do you write your tasks down? Or keep them in your head? Since I’ve been pretty busy after giving birth 🙂 , I think it’s time to write things down, because your head could get a little woozy from so many chores. Though, so far so good!

I hope you all have a pleasant day, and don’t forget to smile, because it will definitely help you or someone you’d smile at 😉


P.s. Above photo was sent to me from my uncle who lives in another region of Russia.


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