Video: Rose and Dimitri for ‘Vampire Academy’ film

the vampire academySome of you know, from my post a while back, I’ve read a book (series of books) called ‘The Vampire Academy Novel’ by Richelle Mead. In this past week, Facebook and the rest of the online word has revealed that a film will be made, and actors were revealed as well.

Screenplay By Daniel Waters, Produced By Michael Preger, Don Murphy and Susan Montford. Mark Waters will direct the movie, which will be out in 2014.

Lucy Fry will play Lissa, Zoey Deutch will be Rose, and Danila Kozlovsky will be Dimitri. I’m very glad that Danila was chosen for this role – he is a Russian actor, and will be perfect for this role of Dimitri (who is Russian as well).

Here’s a great fan-made video, in honor of Rose and Dimitri:


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