The Lady, the Chef, and the Courtesan (cont.)

20130105-233729.jpgAs I’ve previously stated, I started reading a new novel by Marisol called “The Lady, the Chef, and the Courtesan”. I’ve got more quotes that I’d like to share with you all:

Etiquette is actually a very simple skill that requires little  more than the ability to put oneself in someone else’s place and to observe what is needed of one in any situation. Think of it as a way of living inspired by thoughtfulness, consideration, and respect for others and for oneself under any circumstances.

I wonder how many people study etiquette these days….

Canaima is also home to the black puma, a cat whose predatory gaze forgives no prey and to whom many ritual dances are dedicated in hopes of appeasing its spirits.

Canaima – is a place in the middle of Amazon.

In South America, beauty is an attitude that goes beyond physical appearance. Sensuality and the art of eroticism are inextricably bound up with it. As well as being encouraged to cultivate her natural beauty, every woman is urged from an early age to develop her sensuality in sophisticated ways.

Don’t you wonder how they do that?

But wait, here’s another great one –

For beauty, even more than sex appeal, is an art form, an opportunity to put a brush to canvas and immortalize the womanly gifts one was born with.

That to me sounds like poetry 😉

A man who is told that a certain woman is beautiful will search out every possible way to arrange a meeting or assay a touch.

We all know that is true! Doesn’t matter if you’re from Latin America or from Europe 😉

This next one is a tip for women!

My mother also taught me that beauty must be as natural as breathing, and that to make herself look beautiful, a woman must, every day, before she even gets out of bed, turn all her energies toward feeling beautiful.

I believe that we (women) should always follow this advice!!!

Now this next one isn’t followed by all the women –

Perhaps the most important lesson I learned about the perfecting of natural beauty was that anything applied to a woman’s face should merely hint at the mysteries beneath its surface rather than obscuring them with unnecessary artifice.

What do you think about that? True?

Here’s one for men as well:

During my formal courtship it became clear to me that it was not only customary but necessary to make a man wait, and I saw then that men are but simple creatures who find the dance of flirtation quite alluring and whose greatest aim in life is to show the world the meaning of conquest.

Is that true My Dear Men?  🙂

And just a couple other good ones –

A man falls in love through his eyes first; after that is the woman’s job to captivate his other senses.

That’s definitely true about ‘his other senses’.

Without virtue, good family, a shared desire to have children, wealth, or a common religion, even the most magical of unions will be hard-pressed to succeed.

Now, that is one perfect quote to leave you all thinking about life and relationships. Do you agree with it?


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