DIY: White Yarn and Felt Wreath for Christmas

Red felt rosettes and holiday berries add festive cheer to this simple wreath form wrapped in white worsted yarn.

white yarn christmas wreath

You will need:

  • 10-inch-diameter straw wreath with plastic covering
  • Skein of worsted yarn: white
  • Felt: two 5-inch squares of red, one 5-inch square of light olive, and one 3-inch square of dark olive
  • Disappearing-ink fabric marker
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Six 5/16-inch-diameter faux pearls
  • Florist’s pick with red and green berries


1. Wrap the straw wreath with white yarn, hot-gluing yarn ends to the back.

Note: Do not remove plastic covering from wreath. Wrap wreath with white yarn, hot-gluing yarn ends to the back.

2. Trace the downloadable patterns onto white paper and cut out. Cut four large circles from red felt, two small circles from light olive felt, and one leaf each from light olive and dark olive felt.

3. Referring to the patterns, draw a spiral on the wrong side of each circle using the disappearing-ink fabric marker.

Note: Draw spiral lines farther apart for a thinner, taller rose; cut narrower spiral lines for a fuller, shorter rose.

4. Cut a spiral on one red felt circle.

Note: The center of the spiral becomes the center of the rose. Begin rolling the felt spiral from the center, keeping the cut spiral edges together and even (this will be the bottom of the rose.) Glue the outer end of the spiral to the rose. Make four red roses, adjusting sizes if desired. Repeat to make two light olive roses using small light olive circles.

5. Glue a faux pearl to center of each rose. Referring to the photo, pin the florist’s pick, leaves, and roses to the wreath front. When you are pleased with the arrangement, hot-glue pieces in place.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens magazine


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