Artist Recognition: Nikas Safronov

Nikas Safronov was born April 8, 1956 in the city of Ulyanovsk. Father – Safronov Stepan Grigorievich (1910). Mother – Safronova Anna Feodorovna (1920), A native of the city Panevezys, hence the name of the son of Lithuanian – Nikas. Son – Safronov Stefano (1992), Together with his mother lives in London.

The range of creativity N. Safronov incredibly broad: and iconography, and cubism, symbolism, and psychological profiles. Paintings, built on the metaphor, symbols, subtle associations, roll call of historical epochs, lead the viewer into “outer space” feelings and spiritual experiences. In the most interesting and significant works Nikas is always present and some internal movement, because the paintings represent a conflict or confidential communication of body, mind and soul of the artist. Pictures are not only dynamic, but also multi-dimensional, because visual-striking “cinematic” shaped structure may even give some idea of sphericity and poliskopicheskom vision of his soul.



In the pictures Nikas much nudity. He became the first Russian artist, began to openly explore the line between art and pornography. Transforming old, . untouched by time, wooden icons, . inflicting on them the figure of their dreams, artist to illustrate how far, then, what happened to the Russian culture over the past 70 years, and yet his fall from grace as it anticipates the repentance and purification, unbridled passion neighbors with humility. Grief – with incredible joy of the local and the next life.


Nikita Mikhalkov said of him:

“When the viewer, full of extraordinary images from paintings by Nikas Safronov, and sophisticated forms and riotous colors, stops at these paintings, as example, . “Nostalgia” or “Good -, . Russia “, for it becomes obvious: in addition to talent and skill of the artist has a gentle soul, . overwhelmed most contradictory feelings “, “… He has great imagination and creative energy unearthly. I believe that his soul was being hit by the twentieth century, connecting the search for God and blasphemy, faith and lack of will, romanticism and hard look at the fashion … “- well regarded creative Nikas Safronov Ilya Glazunov.


On the one hand, his paintings recall the tradition of Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, Salvador Dali. On the other – are very special and somewhat perverse aspect of modern Russian spirit: the absorption of its own indifference to politics, mania sexual revolution, bit late in Russia, loss of any kind had any illusions about any form of power.



















Now Nikas Safronov – one of the most prominent Russian avant-garde artists. His talent is not disputed by either among specialists or amateurs painting. In his most familiar works mainly on coffee reproductions, because almost all the artist’s paintings are in private collections in Russia and abroad, adorn museums in Western Europe and America. Western collectors purchased more than 700 of his paintings. Among the current owners – Sophia Loren, Pierre Cardin, Gerard Depardieu, Diana Ross, Montserrat Caballe, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nikita Mikhalkov, and other prominent people of our time. All they talk about their unusual and wonders.

Source:, , Purchase art work here, Source, Source, and more paintings here.

What do you think of his artwork?


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