Artist Recognition: Eduard Tomek

Eduard Tomek was an Austrian-Czech painter , devoted mainly watercolor and scenic painting. His parents left Czechoslovakia in Vienna in the late 19th century. His father enlisted in the first World War II , escaped from Russian captivity in Siberia , gave the legionaries and across America after ten years he returned to Vienna. He died when Eduard Tomek was 25 years old.

Eduard Tomek

He first studied in Vienna, the Czech grammar school education association Comenius , where his classmate Miss Vavrečková, daughter of the ambassador and the future mother of President Vaclav Havel . After high school he studied from 1931-1935 general field painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Professor. K. Fahringer. He met with the future painter Rudolf Haussner , which later belonged to the Vienna School of fantasy realism . Passed the exam teacher eligibility for teaching mathematics and drawing on secondary schools in Vienna and worked as a teacher in the league Comenius.

During the war in 1941, after the dissolution of the Czech school in Vienna by the German authorities, worked in Vienna Folk Opera ( Volksoper ) and later at the Vienna State Opera as a scene-painter. At that time also illustrated books (Anthony Machát: Our Vienna), Vienna Youth magazine Consolation , expatriate calendar. He was a member of Sokol , with whom traveled to the mountains, where they held a minority Czech ski racing, mountain riding with a guitar .liV_8DyH7Yc

In the fall of 1945 he moved with his wife Hilda in Prague. In 1946, his approbation nostrifikována Ministry of Education and was appointed professor of public secondary schools. In 1947 he received Czechoslovak citizenship ._mze2kCYLhc

In 1947 he began working at the National Theater in Prague as assistant chief of the expedition V. Gottlieb . He collaborated with Charles Svolinským and Francis Pacific (which he had already said: “Beware of the communists”). Scenically formed the ballets Swan Lake , The Sleeping Beauty , opera Don Juan , Night at Karlstejn , Dalibor , Rusalka , Kiss and more. Also suggested costumes. In 1948 he came to the National Theater communist Josef Svoboda, who became the party’s standing thanks to its leading expeditions and ideologically “inconvenient” child moved to different places. Eduard Tomek wrote in 1959 graduated from the Secondary School of Civil Engineering and in 1962 a master electrician exam in. The theater was allowed to make a state funerals of Stalin and Zápotockého . The National Theater, which for him meant life, went up in 1967. Never worked in a theater.qHn2ONmuaAg

In the years 1952-1957 and 1961-1964 he taught at the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts drawing and stage design; worked there with the front stage designer prof. architect Francis Troestrem . In 1967-1979, he worked at a language school in Prague in German department as a professor of German, which was his mother’s tongue.rwuO-xeFs6k

He liked listening to classical music while reading from notes. Loved Bach , G. Mahler , PI Tchaikovsky and Mozart . He played violin , piano , French horn .TEpu60b21TY

He died in his of nearly 90 years.



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  1. His paintings reveal so much…pain, solitude, confusion, nonetheless they are moving and another example of putting ourselves into our art, it’s helps to process our emotions. xx

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