Ideas for Bedroom Makeover

A bedroom makeover doesn’t have to be a hard task to do! Give an exciting look to your bedroom with these 4 stylish, simple and inexpensive decorating ideas you can put in place in just a few days.

Decorating idea 1: Replace your duvet cover

You can easily give a new look to your room décor by replacing your duvet cover. Choose a complete new style to really refresh it! You will see that your bedroom will instantly have a new feel.

Decorating idea 2: Decorate your dresser

Make some nice little but important transformations to your room décor by taking the time to embellish your dresser or nightstand drawers. Add touches of new colors in your bedroom with paint or wallpaper with nice motifs, like floral designs that will give a feminine look to this special space of your home.

Decorating idea 3: New drawer handles

Add style and personality to your bedroom by simply replacing your pulls and drawer handles with decorative ones. Not only this decorating idea is inexpensive, it’s also a smart way to add a little fantasy to your room décor.

Decorating idea 4: Get rid of your extra pillows

Change the look of your bedroom by changing your old habits. For example, keep only the bed pillows you need for your comfort and get rid of the rest of them. Most of the time, they are useless and they give a messy look to your bed. Two sets of bed pillows should be enough!

Photos: Posh Living, LLCapartment28


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