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Halloween: Wicked Witch Silhouette

This life-size outdoor witch statue stirring a cauldron full of pumpkin heads is sure to draw attention to your yard on Halloween. Get our free witch pattern, available below, and then learn more about how to make the statue from plywood and black paint.


Ideas for Bedroom Makeover

A bedroom makeover doesn’t have to be a hard task to do! Give an exciting look to your bedroom with these 4 stylish, simple and inexpensive decorating ideas you can put in place in just a few days.

Decorating idea 1: Replace your duvet cover

You can easily give a new look to your room décor by replacing your duvet cover. Choose a complete new style to really refresh it! You will see that your bedroom will instantly have a new feel. Read the rest of this entry

Photo of the day: Fox it up

Place a Cherry on Top

Quilling: The Scarlet Flower

For my quilling lovers, here’s a good project I call ‘The Scarlet Flower’:

It’s got the best colors and pretty easy to make. Here are some instructions I’ve pulled on how to make multi-strip onen coils: Read the rest of this entry

Russian Saturday: Чьё призвание – просто БЫТЬ МАМОЙ!

Мы сидели на кухне, и дочка моя
Мне сказала, шутя, между делом:
«Вот, проводим опрос на предмет бытия –
Ты бы бабушкой стать захотела?»

«Я б хотела, но это изменит совсем
Твою жизнь навсегда, кардинально». –
«Да, я знаю. Ну что ж, не досплю, не доем»,
Мне ответила дочь машинально.

Но, ведь это, ну как бы помягче сказать, Read the rest of this entry

Countryside Drawing by soft pastels

My recent drawing of the countryside, first time with soft pastels:

© Xenia Nova

I’ve used oil pastels set of 12 colors. You can click on the image for the full spectrum.It’s scanned, so it looks terrible. It looks wayyy better if you look at it not so close…ummm (I am my own worst critic!), thoughts?

Orange and Yellow and Peach

Just like a post before, here’s another one to inspire….

DIY: Baby’s bootees made out of paper

After browsing the web for another evening, I found these adorable baby’s bootees that you can make out of paper! They are too pretty!
1.Here’s a great way to make baby’s bootees out of paper. You can use them for gifts or decorate your baby’s room, ideas are endless.. You can use different techniques to decorate these bootees. Like quilling technique, or pergamano, or even scrapbooking technique.

Be Inspired!