Sunny living room in details

How to fill and keep your room with summer ease, brightness and optimism? Take a look at my recent project – summer decor in details.

Moving furniture
It is very practical if your sofa is made up of two sections, then you can change the look of a room by moving furniture. During summer we get to have a lot of guests at home, so it is better to put the furniture in front of each other – so your friends could communicate with each other with ease.

Between the furniture, put a coffee table on which you can place cold drinks and light snacks. (If you have one-piece sofa, you can leave it on one side of the room, and on the other place the chairs)

New window curtains
Use of  new color scheme for neutral rooms – is quite expensive and a very risky step. Nevertheless, due to such changes, your house will always look in different ways.

First, you need to find that thing \ color \ pattern, which will be the starting point for all alterations. In this room, a benchmark steel curtain with a fun green print. Like print in a circle is repeated on the dishes, tablecloths, and wall pads.

Special patterns
This circular pattern was the “highlight” of the living room. Executed using a stencil and bright colors, it is repeated in many elements, while combining different colors and shapes in the room.

Bright accents
Keep color in the details.

In this photo neutral beige sofa with bright yellow rug and pillows, exquisite pistachio tone in the other two pillows.

Odd one ISN’T out
Using two main bright colors (yellow and green), in a summer decoration you can safely use small patches of another contrasting color – in this case, blue.

Please note that the sofa cushions have blue colors and so does the picture, both also present the basic colors (yellow and green).

Frivolous details
In the summer decor you can make small liberties. For example, this application on the table in the form of the sun, fun phrases and colors.

In summer you can and need to relax and go beyond the range of BW and puritanical design.

Winning move
Of course, to paint the walls in dramatically different color is not a dare for everyone, so this step is optional.

But the way the room looks with the accented wall does pay the courage, does not it?

Closer to the light
In the summer you want to drink your morning coffee, sit on the veranda/terrace of his home … But for owners of this apartments – it is only a dream.

Do not give up, and create a mini-dining room next to an available window. In the mini-dining room you can include a small tea table, one chair and a window with a… Beautiful view of the city!

Curtains out of napkins
Square cloth napkins can be used as curtains on the windows. Attach each napkin to little clips for photos \ notes. After you’ve clipped them, diagonally, glue with hot melt adhesive for window moldings.

These “curtains” are done wtih circular pattern, with the same stencil and paint on fabric.

Towels on chairs
Cheap and plain dishtowels play two functions in this room.

First, they protect the white seats from dirt, and second, drawing on the towels in common with other such patterns, combining mini-dining room with a single coherent interior.

So there you have it! Bright, colorful room with a little bit of summer! 😉

All images belong to Xenia Nova.


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