Book Review| Drink Deep

As some of you are now aware, I’ve been reading a series by Chloe Neill called ‘A Chicagoland Vampires’... Here’s another book, Drink Deep, that I’ve finished recently and I just couldn’t keep it to myself and not to share with all of you.

I love the Chicagoland Vampires series, it is a great Urban Fantasy read. I did miss Ethan in this book. I think anybody who loves this series will tell you that a gaping hole was left behind. Even the characters in this book are feeling it, big time.

This brings me to Jonah. He is no Ethan, but he is gorgeous and you can see how much he would like a relationship more than partnership with Merit. He is a tempting morsel.

I was having a little trouble totally feeling this installment until we got past the half way mark, maybe because of that gaping hole that Ethan left behind, maybe something else?

Oh the GP dude, Frank. (looks around for my smelliest stinky dead fish, so I can slap that boy upside of silly) Chloe REALLY makes you loathe the guy.

I would have loved to have seen Gabriel and his pack in this installment. Obviously they weren’t necessary. I think with Ethan making it into dreams, I needed big Gabriel to call Merit, kitten. I think I was just lost without Ethan. Jonah was like this putty filler, who filled in the cracks for me. Interesting to see where Chloe takes Jonah and Merit now she has signed on the dotted line.

Chloe has given us some wonderful twists in the latter part of the book, these got me back to feeling in the zone with this series. I’m hoping more Faerie influence may become a part of this series.

Jeff is still so adorable I could pack him up and take him home. He has such a way with the little ladies..hehe!

Oh Catcher, what are we going to do with you……….?

There is a scene in this book , hence my little Blackbird lyric intro, it was quite touching. Made me swallow a lump.

I enjoyed this installment, and am looking forward to reading ‘Biting Cold’, there are some things left in the air at the end of this book and maybe some new beginnings?


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