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Coffee and tea mugs for Musicians

I just love these!!!

You can get them here.


Photo of the day: Smile for me

What does your cozy place look like?

Photo of the Day: Moscow, Russia

Photo of the Day: Monday’s almost over

Photo of the Day: Passing through

Photographer unknown.

Russian Tuesday: О родинках на лице

Родинки есть у каждого человека. Родинки на лице у женщины привносят некоторую неповторимость и загадочность. Помимо косметического эффекта они могут нести определенную смысловую нагрузку.
Что означает та или иная родинка на лице, подаренная нам природой? Read the rest of this entry

How was your Monday? =)

Love for Ballet


I’m in love with ballet since the age of six. I’ve danced it most of my life, and consider it to be one of the most difficult dances in the world. Some of you might know that when you can dance ballet, you can dance pretty much anything, but not the other way around. So let’s take a moment and enjoy these beautiful images!

Aren’t they pretty? =) (more…)

Photo of the Day: Day and Night

Photographer: unknown