Crop circle creation theory: physics, not aliens

Arial view shows curious people visiting a mysterious crop circle of which the origin is unknown in a cornfield in Corcelles-pres-de-Payerne, Switzerland, Saturday, July 7, 2007.

Photo: AP Photo/Keystone/Sandro Campardo

A man takes of photo of another man who is standing inside one of a number of crop circles in a wheat field near the town of Fairfield in California on July 3, 2003. The geometric pattern of pressed wheat stalks which mysteriously appeared this week have been drawing hundreds of interested sightseers.

Photo: REUTERS/Tim Wimborne TBW

A mysterious crop circle has appeared in London’s Kew gardens, September 19, 2002. The appropriately flower-shaped pattern materialised overnight in a wheat field in the gardens, forcing staff at Kew to postpone this week’s harvest.

Photo: Reuters/Ho New

Corn circles, large round indentations in fields of crops, have appeared in the Helsinki suburb of Espoo, a newspaper reported September 21. Agronomist, at Soderskog Manor where the rings were found, Birger Nyalm said ” the patterns were made from the air. The field around them was completely untouched”. Picture taken September 20.

Photo: Reuters/STR New

Mysterious crop circles have appeared on a hillside near Swindon, Wiltshire, baffling local people, August 5. The circles, each measuring several hundreds metres across, have appeared near Badbury Castle, crop circles have on some occasions in the past been shown to be created by pranksters.

Photo: Reuters/STR New

People stand inside one of five crop circles in an oat field in Tlapanoloya on the outskirts of Mexico City March 23, 2011. Five geometric patterns of pressed oat stalks were sighted by locals on two different fields since they appeared on Saturday and Sunday.

Photo: REUTERS/Henry Romero


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