Silent Evolution

Photograph from Barcroft Media/Fame Pictures

“Silent Evolution” sculptures sit in just 30 feet (9 meters) of water, which allows visitors in glass-bottomed boats to also observe the artwork.

Photographs below: courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor

Pictured in late 2010, “Sarah,” modeled after a U.K. linguistics professor, is the only “Silent Evolution” statue with a false lung, according to Taylor.

Divers can either fill the lung by blowing bubbles into a hole on her back or using air from their tanks. The air then slowly escapes though the opening in her mouth.

The cement figures will change in appearance over time as coral and other marine life takes over—all part of Taylor’s vision.

The people in “The Silent Evolution”  were created from live casts of a wide sample of people, most of them locals—including Lucky, a Mexican carpenter (center), according to Taylor.The characters range in age from a 3-year-old boy, Santiago, to an 85-year-old nun, Rosario (both not pictured), and include an accountant, yoga instructor, and acrobat, among others.


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