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Staggering Picasso trove turns up in France

PARIS – Pablo Picasso almost never stopped creating, leaving thousands of drawings, paintings and sculptures that lure crowds to museums and mansions worldwide. Now, a retired electrician says that 271 of the master’s creations have been sitting for decades in his garage. Read the rest of this entry


Wash and then wear

Buying new clothes can be exciting, and some people can’t be bothered with the seemingly wasteful practice of washing new clothes before wearing them. But one Consumer Reports staffer who recently experienced headaches and a sore throat suspects that his impatience may be the cause. He wore his recent purchase before sending it for a spin in the washer to rid it of the chemicals commonly used to keep new clothes looking, well, new. Read the rest of this entry

Быть или не быть его идеалом?

У каждого из нас свои представления об идеале. Но нужно ли стремиться к образу совершенной женщины? Стоит ли забывать о себе, стараясь быть перфекционисткой? Так давайте прочтем, что говорят на это мужчины. Read the rest of this entry

10 Best Winter Beach Retreats in Americas

Rincón, Puerto Rico
Average highs of 84/83 in December/January
(Average water temperatures of 80/77)

In the midst of winter, nothing seems cheerier than the idea of Puerto Rico, where temperatures rarely dip below the 83-degree mark. (more…)

Quote a day

‘In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.’

– Janos Arany

Design must…

Here is for all designers out there:

Берегите сердце

Сердце в организме человека выполняет одну из самых важных функций – движение крови по всему телу, по многочисленным кровеносным сосудам: артериям, венам, капиллярам.

Сосуды, несущие кровь от сердца, называются артериями, а возвращение ее к сердцу – венами.  Read the rest of this entry

Memories, days, and thoughts

Here’s a song by ‘Kate Voegele – I won’t disagree’ that brought up some of those memories, days and thoughts. Enjoy!

Quote a day

‘If you are not big enough to lose, you are not big enough to win.’ – Walter Reuther

Quote a day

‘Kindness is the noblest weapon to conquer with.’ – Unknown