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A few quotes.. about nature

“The destines of an ocean are played out on the water and along the coast. But the barren expanse has little history; the struggle develops ashore, only occasionally invading the sea. Yet though al the struggles, deeds and creations, we shall hear the roar of the sea and catch sight of its blueness; storms and clouds will steer the doings of men toward prosperous voyages or shipwreck; oars and sails, anchors and lighthouses will keep bringing the reader back to the element that holds all together.” Emil Ludwig

“The men I call great are those who have distinguished themselves as useful or constructive; the others, who ravage and conquer provinces, are only so called heroes.” Voltaire

“We Athenians enjoy a form of government different from that of our neighbors; and because we rule the State not for the few but for the many, we call it Democracy. The citizens, of an equal footing in private life, are selected for the higher positions in the State according to merits, not party, and still less according to property.” Pericles


Острова Гамбье

Гамбье (Gambier), группа островов во Французской Полинезии с населением свыше 1 тысячи человек (2005). (more…)

My first Panoramic Photo

I took a few photos couple of days ago while the weather was stormy. This is what came out. They’re similar but approached differently.

I’m still learning, so don’t judge too quickly 😉 But do leave comments!