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Love cubed

The workplace is a romantic hot spot, with 45% of men and 35% of women saying they’d be open to meeting a mate in the office, according to an America Online survey. Colleagues don’t light your fire? Nearly one-fourth admit they’ve searched online personals from their work computer.


Богатый гость

Телевизор Armani-Samsung сделан для тех, кому мало обычного прямоугольного дисплея, показывающего кино. Read the rest of this entry

12 вещей, которые больше всего смущают женщин

На свете есть множество вещей, которые могут смутить кого угодно, даже самого хладнокровного человека. Но, как оказывается, легче всего смутить представительниц прекрасного пола, у которых причин для смущения намного больше, чем у мужчин.

Более того, этими причинами могут быть такие вещи, которые вряд ли смутят среднестатического представителя сильного пола. Хотя бы по той простой причине, что между полами существуют чисто физиологические различия.

Предлагаем вашему вниманию 12 основных вещей в жизни женщин, которые вызывают у них наибольшее смущение. Read the rest of this entry

Puree Away

What is does: Pureeing veggies is a great way to make a rich-tasting, ultralowfat gravy or create a creamy soup sans fat. The hand blender is my samurai sword in the kitchen!
How to do it: Roast root vegetables such as carrots, celery root, fennel and leeks with garlic, put them in a pot with some canned low-sodium broth and puree it all into a delicious gravy for meats or poultry.

How to get your body ready for the bikini

I’m sure that are a lot of ways to get your groove on at the gym and work your butt off just to get back in shape and wear your favorite bikini this summer. Read the rest of this entry

Another walk around town: the island

Had a nice lunch during one of the work days, and took a walk on the island in our town: Read the rest of this entry

5 способов расстаться с одиночеством

5 способов  расстаться с одиночеством

«Ты – старая дева!» – звучит оскорбительно, не так ли? Ведь замужество для женщины тоже является неким мерилом успешности, обозначением того, насколько состоялась в жизни представительница прекрасного пола. Как же быть, если эта старая дева – вы? Стоит ли пытаться найти мужа или не обращать внимания на эту фразу, продолжая жить так же, как раньше. Read the rest of this entry

Restored Da Vinci painting reveals hidden details

LONDON – A restoration project for Leonardo da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks” has revealed new details and suggest the Renaissance artist may have painted all the picture himself, instead of with his assistants as previously thought, a British gallery said Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry

Самые глупые предсказания прошлых веков:

Телевидение и Радио:
У радио нет будущего. Лорд Кельвин, Английский физик и математик. Read the rest of this entry

Greens and Salads – What to know

Should you wash prewashed greens?

Packaged greens that come in sealed bags or plastic containers do not need to be washed. But you should always sort through them, discarding any bruised leaves, since these can contain bacteria. If the leaves appear tired, plunge then in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes.

Bulk salad, such as mesclun or baby spinach, should always be rinsed because of the risk of contamination associated with the serving tongs, which are handled by many people and often fall into the open bins. This is particularly important if you have small children.

Always clean unwashed lettuces, even if they are organic. Discard bruised leaves before soaking.

Salad Basics

To wash lettuce, rinse leaves in a clean bowl or colander with several changes of cold running water. Never soak greens in your kitchen sink-bacteria or salmonella from other foods can linger there and contaminate the greens.

Store cleaned and dried greens between layers of paper towels in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper-away from fruits, which emit gases that can hasten decay. Lettuces sold with their roots should be left intact until just before using. Wrap heads in damp paper towels. Keep in a plastic bad in the crisper.

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