Monthly Archives: March 2010

Love Happens

As you might have guesses, I love to watch movies, and every week, I try to watch as many as I can possible get, or find time to watch. Well this time it was at home, not in theater like yesterday, I watched “Love Happens” with Russian translation.

Alice in Wonderland

Today, I had a chance to watch Alice in Wonderland, in Russian of course. I don’t know what it is with the critics all the time, but I loved Johnny Depp’s acting! He does so great in every role!

Стихи к 8 Марта!

Так как моя мама любит стихи, сочинять их и дарить. Она подарила мне стих на 8 марта. Очень прикольный, да и вообще СУПЕР! 🙂 Read the rest of this entry