Photo of the Day: Dunilovo, Russia

DunilovoDunilovo village, Shuyskiy district, Ivanovskaya region, Russia

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Photo of the Day: Karabash, Russia


Karabash, Southern Ural, Russia

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Floral Design

IMG_8086Happy Monday, y’all!

Here are some of my works with flowers, enjoy.IMG_8100

Spring fashion (ladies)

Ladies, are you ready for spring? Did you get your outfits?

Here are some ideas:

Let’s Talk About the Room!

kitchen with dining room

kitchen with dining room

So here we go, comment with these two phrases

One thing I like most about this room is…(your thought)

One thing I like least about this room is…(your thought)

Make sure put more thought into it after these two phrases! I’d love to hear your opinion!

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Movie for Tonight: The Fault in our Stars

vlcsnap-2015-01-18-13h10m44s4 Sooo, this book was really good! Even though I’ve read it in Russia, and I would love to read the English (original) version. This movie caught my eye too, right after I’ve seen the TV commercial for it. That is how I’ve got the book, because the cover was the same as the movie poster. So here we go – for those who haven’t heard about the movie nor the book – THE FAULT IN OUR STARS: Read the rest of this entry

Happy Thursday!

How is everyone doing? I thought that since I cannot post on WordPress as often as I wanted to / and used to, I could tell y’all about my Instagram account, and you could see what my days look like with all the flowers and design ideas around me. Now how about that? :)

Follow me @xenianova01 or go onto



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Happy Sunday!

My drear friends and readers,

It has been too long, and I’ve missed writing to you all! Being a mum, working full time, and doing all the work around the house is a tough job! But why should I complain, I love it – even though I am busy as a bee. :)

How have you all been?

Today’s evening is a big religious holiday in Russia, Крещение – in English it sound like this “Baptism of Jesus”. Our tradition is to submerge oneself in the water, or just into the cold water, as the picture shows below:

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my dear friends and readers! (and those who celebrate this holiday!) :)

via FB

via FB

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More Floral design from Me

These were done in September only, and only on my free time. Lots of those that I didn’t take photos of. Getting better I think :)

Have a good one!